What We Do
  • Program Management & MISSION SUPPORT
     BKM leverages a standardized, yet agile, program management methodology that ensures consistent, traceable, quality execution of client requirements. This methodology enables us to define and document performance expectations throughout a project, and continuously monitor performance; addressing the integral functions needed for successful contract performance. Our program management professionals adopt our client’s mission as their own. We implement a continuous process improvement strategy by utilizing our significant expertise in program management, adoption of the latest tools and techniques to execute program objectives effectively and provide a degree of mission support that optimizes mission requirements and fiscal realities.
  • Intelligence Analytics
     BKM delivers extensive experience and past performance in intelligence operations for federal government customers. In this capacity, BKM helps clients convert data into knowledge, enabling data-driven decision making, and providing an in-depth analysis of acquired intelligence to senior leadership during mission-critical decision points. BKM knows that operational success is often dependent upon remaining a step ahead of the adversary, achieved by organizing sourced data in concise, executable, and information-backed assessments. BKM’s intelligence capabilities include multiple areas of expertise, all of which provide varying concentrations of situational awareness that all address intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, and data visualizations. To this end, our intelligence work includes: • All-source analysis • Counterintelligence/Human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) • Signals intelligence (SIGINT) • Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) • Open source intelligence (OSINT) • Counter weapons and mass destruction (CWMD) • Counterterrorism (CT) • Cyber threat analysis • Document/material exploitation (DOMEX) Language and Cultural analysis BKM maintains a cadre of personnel with some of the most utilized and relevant language capabilities. Our language and cultural support services include operational training exercises for pre-mobilization units, intelligence operations interpretation, translation services, and country-specific subject-matter experts who deliver cultural immersion and diplomatic engagement. Most of our linguist are also skilled intelligence analysts, and enable BKM to provide a significant level of dual expertise from placed personnel. BKM knows that language is a core function in the current international landscape. To ensure we continue to deliver key services to government clients, BKM offers: • Language support to customers in the Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD • Support prime vendors who deliver integrated language technology to augment language-driven analytical activities • Enhance intelligence artifacts by provide OSINT translation of various media sources
  • Governance & Stabilization
     BKM works with all types and divisions of government(s) to assess and enhance the operational structure and developmental activities of various societies. This encompasses work efforts from rural communities to high-ranking officials in executive offices. BKM works off the principle that establishing public sector organizations / departments that are active, dependable, and responsive is one of the most essential functions for a state to provide goods, services, and security to its people. To further support this, BKM provides subject matter experts to work with key community members to develop and implement strategies for constituent relations, community services and overall responsibility and transparency. Similarly, BKM believes that long-term development cannot take place without effective stabilization activities. Effectiveness is focused on root causes of instability, thereby helping to mitigate the drivers of conflict and set the stage for. BKM offers technical assistance, training, and hands-on mentoring to any allowable entity experiencing challenges with their stabilization components. Deploying our team of experienced civilian and military stabilization practitioners, BKM provides clients with a significant breadth of experience designing, implementing, and monitoring and evaluating stabilization programming at both the tactical and strategic levels. As a function of our stabilization practices, we deliver training programs that offer real-world hands-on experience to prepare clients for every-changing operational environments.
  • MILITARY & SECURITY Operations
     In addition to BKM’s extensive operations-based training capabilities, we offer on-site support of mission-critical security and military operation’s needs. These include: • Facility and Site Security BKM offers critical infrastructure audits and recommendations based on existing or needed client-facility security requirements. Based on these, BKM can provide armed and unarmed security services, as well as uniformed or discreet on-site security, K9 training and integration, and patrols / armed response units. • Threat Analysis We offer analysis and assessments of client infrastructure as well as a wide range of intelligence operations, further addressed in our intelligence analytics line of business. • Investigations BKM investigation capabilities include background screening and investigations at all levels, counterintelligence screening, and psychological evaluations. • Security and Systems Technology BKM consistently stays on the cutting edge of security and systems technologies. This enables us to provide clients with state-of-the-art, integrated solutions. These include biometric integration, CCTV/alarm systems, mobile alert systems, and advanced access control systems that can meet any level of security requirements necessary to meet our client’s objectives. Explosive Ordinance Disposal BKM offers a comprehensive range of EOD/Mine Action services worldwide, which include Explosive Ordinance Services, Marine Services, QA/QC, Training, equipment provision and consultancy. Our previous clients include governments, specialist units of the MoD, the UN, EC, DFID, NATO, multinationals including the oil, gas and construction industries, and work with local and international organizations and companies. BKM offers in-house subject-matter expertise in survey, investigation, consultancy, training and clearance of areas contaminated with ordnance and explosives, both on land and underwater. Our process includes thee survey levels that can include Level 1 – Impact Survey, Level 2 – Technical Survey, Level 3 – Survey or Clearance, and strategic analysis to help assess, manage and mitigate the risk(s) posed by unexploded ordnances. The technical capabilities of our EOD personnel enable us to provide comprehensive risk mitigation services to support specialized client needs. Additionally, BKM can provide: • Hostile/Emergency Ex-filtration • VIP/Diplomatic Close Protection • Personal Security Details • Maritime Security and Escorts • Chartered Secure Transport
  • Armaments, Equipment and Training
     Our expertise in the defense industry spans more than 30 years and our operations span all major arms markets and services around the World. We operate in compliance with all resolutions of the UN Security Council and international arms control treaties. We are registered with the United States Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and abide by all US, and International laws. This website may be monitored by the US and other government agencies for the purposes of National Security and for compliance with the International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). A printable version of both the ITAR and EAR can be found in the Compliance and Licensing section of this website. Import/Export We export defense products & equipment from a variety of sources to end users throughout the world. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service with the least amount of inconvenience to you. We realize the importance of receiving your shipment on time and can ship to sea port, designated pick up site or by Air Cargo. Our security team gives assurance to parties located in areas of active conflict or high probability regions in developing & third world countries. Procurement We understand the complexities of defense fulfillment and offsetting procedures within the industry and the diversity of each import/export contract, its countries policies and the logistics of each transaction. We assist with documents and correspondence, currency exchange & government regulations. As distributors for manufacturing and exporting companies all over the world, we proudly Defense Systems, Supply Chain Management & Consulting With the advancement in defense systems, it can be challenging to find the right broker or supply chain professional for your specific requirements. We work with clients in finding the right solutions to the multitude of options available. We specialize in helping developing countries advance their defenses and can maintain & replenish dwindling arsenals in developed regions. We can also assist in the transfer of technologies. Military Hardware & Surplus With the surplus of articles of war left over from Cold War stockpiles, we can help dispose of equipment saving our clients costly expenses for maintenance, storage & upkeep. We can broker each transaction based on our clients specific criteria. We are professionals in Soviet Era hardware, tracked & armed vehicles, small arms and short/medium range ballistic missile systems. Small Arms & Ammunition We sell all types of small arms, destructive devices and all calibers of ammunition including rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds, large caliber ammunition, hand grenades and other quality weapon systems & products from around the world. With suppliers and sellers globally, we can meet the demands of virtually every scenario. Ground, Naval & Air Vessels We sell all types of military hardware including land vehicles, naval surface and submersible vessels & aircraft and can get your forces the equipment they need, when they need it, in times of peace and war. Our Company maintains an extensive network of suppliers, military officers, generals, economic foreign trade advisors and defense officials we connect with constantly to efficiently dispose of surplus military equipment and for end user acquisitions. Purchasers and sellers alike look to us to manage their transaction from distribution to delivery. Unmanned Systems BKM offers unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) solutions that enable our clients to utilize aerial perspectives for operational and mission-critical requirements. These capabilities include surveillance and threat analysis, and advantageous aerial mapping and surveying services. Our UAS teams are deployed operators that provide a complete cadre of UAS-based services. BKM also can deploy a team to review requirements with clients to determine the ideal solution that accounts for terrain, logistics, accessibility, and environmental considerations. Armored Fighting Vehicles & Armaments We sell vehicles and armaments used for combat, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, communications, transport and command posts. End users can select from a variety of tracked vehicles and tanks, bridge and transport units, mine resistant armored personnel carriers, launch vehicles, howitzers, medical units, surveillance vehicles, surface to air & air to air equipment and surplus inventory. We can supply all the necessary weaponry and upgrade packages for your hardware's specific role. Submersible Vessels, Oceanographic and Associated Equipment Military, Security, Weapons Systems, and Equipment Training Programs BKM provides a targeted and integrated spectrum of training and operations development to customers around the world; including government, law enforcement, military and private customers. Our cadre of instructors bring decades of military and law enforcement experience, including special operations forces and federal law-enforcement specialty units. Training delivery includes both classroom and hands-on, tactical exercise-based training, with curriculum and training scenarios customized for specific customer requirements. Subject-matter experts with noteworthy backgrounds in force protection, cultural and diplomatic operations environments, diplomacy, and other complex environments deliver BKM’s training. We offer a variety of training courses and programs, which we can tailor to the client’s specific requirements and needs. Our training curriculum offerings include the following, among other customer operational and tactical classes. • Junior, Mid-Level and Senior Commissioned Officer Courses • Junior, Mid-Level and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Courses • Special Forces Basic & Advanced Courses • Counter-Terrorism Basic & Advanced Courses • Special Ops Leadership and Advance Leadership Courses • Fire fighter Basic, Advanced, Operations and Advanced Operations Courses • Combat Medic Basic and Advanced Courses  Armorer Basic and Advanced Courses • Rule of Law and Armed Conflict • Emergency/Crisis Management Basic and Advanced Courses • Secure Operations Center (SOC) Basic and Advanced Courses • Security Technology Basic and Advanced Courses • Law Enforcement Basic and Advanced Courses • Law Enforcement Academy (Basic and Advanced combined) • Law Enforcement Basic and Advanced Operations Weapons Testing Sites & Real Estate Services Our team can help with the selection, lease, or acquisition of select testing sites, development, training & industrial facilities and other real estate services specific to the defense industry.
  • Technology & Cyber/IT
     BKM’s technology and cyber security offerings are strategically guided by industry-standard structures. In doing so, we leverage technology to deliver clients with leading security solutions, that are focused on both mission and enterprise needs. ensuring the implementation of agile, defense-in-depth architectures. In addition to offering assessments and operational support, BKM can provide the full life-cycle of capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. These services also include analysis of global trends in cyber capabilities, information operations, and information technologies, by our cyber specialists. Additionally, we often develop and run simulations to review trends on existing security technologies and deliver recommendations and solutions on how to improve capabilities for governments and private-sector clients. Additionally, BKM: • Implement systems engineering and integration and test support in the deployment and enhancement of advanced intrusion prevention systems • Provide written assessments, briefings, and warnings on cyber threats using state-of-the-art tools and methods • Consistently identify trends in cyber and information technologies and advise on how to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats • Analyze man-made and natural threats to client’s existing IT infrastructure and recommend ways to bolster the resiliency of internal systems
  • Logistics & Contingency Ops
     BKM offers a wide-array of logistics support solutions for construction and development public and private sector clients. We develop an environment that delivers complete life support functions to reduce the challenges for entities that work on a global scale. Our key partnerships with companies that share our corporate values and work with us to deliver operational support in multiple countries, BKM can quickly deploy and respond to client needs. This level of readiness ensures that our clients can focus on operational objectives and business needs, while we provide the expertise needed to achieve security and operational readiness. In addition to optimized supply chain management, we offer a vast array of contingency operations including special operations, weapons removal and remediation, risk assessments, infrastructure surveys, and counter-terrorism objectives.

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